What we do:

An opportunity assessment for your CGR analysis
Discover how our assessment service can optimize your Circularity Gap Report for maximum impact and tailored insights. We guarantee the availability of essential data, resources, and knowledge required for an impactful analysis.

What you get:

A strategic plan for your CGR
Our team crafts a strategic plan to ensure your future report creates the greatest impact possible, creating a significant push towards circular transition in your nation and its sectors.

How we do it:

Impact and Communication strategy

The assessment phase ensures that our baseline analysis in the CGR focuses on the right areas, maximizing its impact and relevance within the local context. By identifying key stakeholders and already establishing a communication narrative, we prepare to engage the community and generate enthusiasm for the forthcoming CGR analysis.

Data availability assessment

The foundation of a circularity journey lies in data. Our experts conduct a holistic assessment of data availability for your geographical scope. We help you identify what data is at your disposal and what may need to be collected, ensuring you have the vital information needed to drive circularity effectively.

National Circularity Gap Coalition

To ensure adoption and endorsement of your future CGR by prominent leaders in your nation, we help you identify and assemble a CGR Coalition, consisting of industry and policy leaders, academics, thought leaders, and circular economy practitioners.

Policy and business review

During the assessment phase, our team will examine existing policies and business models within the local context to gather qualitative insights. This review is aimed at enriching our understanding and providing valuable input for shaping the strategic direction of our Circularity Gap Report analysis.
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